What This Stupid Kitty Can Teach About Making Sales in Your Coaching Business

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It’s easy to look at Kevin here and snigger…

“Hu hu, stupid cat! What kind of moron animal sleeps in the sink and not a bed!”

What this stupid kitty can teach you about making money in your online coaching business

(And frankly, you’d be right. I am convinced this ball of fluff is 90% idiot, 10% cat. Damn thing still won’t use the cat flap.)

But I digress…

As a species, humans are great at spotting stupidity in others. What we aren’t so good at is spotting stupidity in ourselves.

For example, I enrolled a chap a few months back who spent a year putting weekly content onto his Youtube channel. In that time he amassed the grand total of…

…27 subscribers.

When I chatted with him on our initial call, I explained that his attitude was excellent. He was gritting his teeth and staying the course – instead of getting distracted by the next shiny thing after 2 weeks.

I went on to say:

‘This is fantastic. However what isn’t fantastic is that what you’re doing right now clearly isn’t working. If you were growing your channel – even by only 20 subscribers a week – we could say that you’re moving in the right direction. But you’re not. What you’re doing instead is making a ton of content that nobody sees or cares about.’

(You too could get a similarly unpleasant dose of reality/slap in the face if you ask me for help)

Not only that, he was putting out separate content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta and Youtube. Spending hours every week running himself ragged, yet getting ZERO business.

On each platform, he was putting out content that was good, but not quite good enough. This meant he never grew an audience of fans. In other words – he wasted his time for a year.

So I told him what to do instead:

  1. Let’s work out who your audience actually is and what you have to offer them.
  2. Let’s work out how you’re different to all your competitors.
  3. Let’s create excellent content on ONE SINGLE PLATFORM. Put 100% focus into building an audience there, before you later diversify.
  4. Let’s focus on this one task for the next 6 months. We aren’t posting mediocre content to 27 different places. We are posting excellent content, perfectly tailored to our audience, in one single place.

I showed him exactly how to do this on his personal Facebook profile and he started getting engagement instantly (when previously he’d get a ‘pity like’ from his Aunty Jean and nothing else).

More importantly, he started getting leads.

I then showed him my simple ‘filter and convert’ method, so he could convert these people without being weird/sleazy.

(By the way, if you’d like to know exactly how to answer common questions on Messenger – like ‘how much is your program’ and ‘tell me about your course’ – be sure to grab a copy of my Messenger Mastery training pdf doc).

As opposed to doing what a lot of people are doing – running the endless ‘content treadmill’ and hoping one day, something happens.

If you’ve been putting content out there for longer than a month and you haven’t seen your audience growing and regular qualified prospects appearing in your inbox...it probably isn’t going to happen for you if you continue as you are. Your content itself needs to change.

If you want to do this yourself…check out The Ecosystem. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this works pretty much across the board.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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