What I Do To Make Prospects Enrol In My High Ticket Coaching Program

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In the last week, I’ve had 2 people appear in my inbox and say ‘I want to sign up for your Ecosystem program.’

After a 20 minute chat (mainly around logistics), they enrolled immediately.

And 5 more who’ve sent unsolicited messages like this.

Basically saying ‘I love what you do, I’m going to sign up when I’m ready.’

This isn’t the same as having a sales call with someone and them saying ‘oh yeah, I need to get some things in order but I’ll sign up when I’m ready.’

(in other words ‘I’m not going to sign up, but I don’t feel comfortable telling you that’)

These people have no need to message me out of the blue. If they weren’t interested, they just wouldn’t contact me. So while we don’t know when they will return, you can be sure they will at some point.

This is the result of over 6 months of making 5 posts per week on my Facebook profile. Consistently giving insights the other business coaches can’t/won’t/don’t give. Consistently proving how I get results for myself and others. Consistently entertaining folks (because who wants to be lectured from up on the mountain top?)

You can do the same. Yes you can get fast results if you work with me (the last 3 clients have all enrolled new clients inside a week). But really, we’re playing the long game here.

Creating a solid brand so that eventually pretty much everyone – no matter how sceptical they are at the start – believes you are the ‘real deal’ in the end.

Yes, this takes time and effort. But what else will do you with the next 6 months?

Sign up to 3 separate ‘shiny thing’ 8 week group coaching programs with zero support? Post and comment in various Facebook groups? Cold DM pitch 100 people a day? Spend $3k/month running ads to a webinar which only results in rubbish prospects booking calls with you?

You could do all this. Or you could invest your time in building an asset which pays you for years to come. And actually help your audience in the process.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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