Are you willing to invest 2 hours and 45 minutes to create an asset in your business that brings daily new customers - potentially on autopilot - forever?

It involves ‘copying and pasting’ a forgotten, century-old – yet mind bogglingly effective – method of writing sales pages.

It’s likely you have a sales page on your website already – but almost certainly not one like this. 

I unwittingly stumbled over this method during lockdown in 2021 – and since I started implementing this in both my own business and the businesses of my coaching clients – almost everyone has broken all previous sales records. 

The method is called The 11 Step Sales Page.

You don’t have to be a talented copywriter to implement it. 

In fact, each step is as easy to follow as filling in the blanks. 

So you never again have to stare at a blinking cursor scratching your head wondering what to write. 

And I know 11 steps might sound a lot, but on average each one only takes 10-15 minutes. 

Meaning you’re looking at 110-165 minutes in total – 1 hour 50 to 2 hours 45 minutes.

Up until now I’ve sold this process as a self-study course at $997. Today however, you can get it for only $27 – a frankly ridiculous 97% discount. 

Now Available For
Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

This is legit btw – multiple people have bought the course previously at the full price.
I’ll explain why I’m giving this
huge discount shortly. 

But first, the question I would ask you – right here at the start is:

Are you willing to invest that time or not?

If the answer is ‘no’, then I’m afraid this isn’t for you. 

You might be better joining a MLM or throwing your money at the latest random CryptoCoin. Or chucking all your savings on your favourite lucky number on the roulette wheel. 

Frankly, even if each step took 2 hours, it would still be a great time investment. 22 hours for something that makes sales forever. You could literally blast it out in a couple of days of effort, then sit back and reap the rewards for years to come. 

But if you want millions of dollars with only 4 seconds of work, then I can’t help you with that. 

If however you are willing to put in a small amount of time for a huge reward, there’s a number of ways you can benefit. In fact, I’ve identified 12…

Here's 12 ways you can benefit…

Obviously The 11 Step Sales Page is about creating a sales page for your product. 

You can run ads and/or send your organic social media content to that page to see consistent sales. 

Personally I recommend ads – because once you have your sales page and ad dialed in, you can just leave it to make you money day after day. 

As opposed to organic content creation, which is less predictable. 

But either way, once you have that sales page, you can repurpose it in a number of ways. 

Here’s just a few of the things you can create:

A sales page for your low ticket product

A signup page for your webinar

A signup page for your lead magnet

A call booking page for your high ticket product

A high converting email followup sequence for each of the above

Facebook/Insta content

A compelling LinkedIn profile (just connect with the right people and they will message you - no more cold DMing)

Youtube/Tiktok videos

Video/text ads (run them direct to your sales page and watch the money roll in)


A webinar script

1-1 sales conversations (a compelling sales argument is just as compelling in person as it is in print)

That’s just off the top of my head. There’s doubtless an infinite number of other ways you could take advantage. 

But honestly, you don’t have to do all the above. 

If all you did was just create your sales page and send ads to it, you’d be laughing. 

I mean, that’s literally what I’m doing with this page that you’re reading now!

Is it really that simple?

As Ryan says below – he’s been trained by Agora copy chiefs, and this is still the simplest explanation behind a sales argument he’s ever heard:

As Ryan says below – he’s been trained by Agora copy chiefs, and this is still the simplest explanation behind a sales argument he’s ever heard:

Once you understand the simple logic behind how The 11 Step Sales Page works, I guarantee you’ll slap yourself around the forehead for not seeing this earlier. 

Literally this is so easy to understand, but nobody else seems to know about it.

Everybody else overcomplicates something that the greatest copywriters of all time knew was straightforward. More on that in a minute. 

This is an epiphany you could experience literally 5 minutes from now – then it’s just a matter of following the steps. 

What epiphany is that?

I don’t want to give the game away – it’s not fair on the people who’ve paid to be on the inside – but it all comes down to a 7 letter word beginning with P. 

Feel free to guess what that word is and see if you’re right when you gain access. 

I’ll warn you though – hardly anyone gets this right (which is probably why people find writing sales pages so hard). 

You see, this all came about because during lockdown 2021 I went on a mission to study the greatest performing sales pages/sales letters of all time. 

Some were web pages. Some were newspaper ads. Others were magazine articles. 

Some were modern, some were ancient – the oldest I found was from 1909!

But every page I studied shared one thing – millions of dollars in sales. Billions in some cases. 

I read hundreds of these sales pages and whittled it down to 45 of the best, then asked the question…

What's the connection between all these sales pages?

At first glance, they have almost nothing in common:

Some of them tell a long elaborate story. Some prod a pain point. Some talk about a positive result. Some give you the life story of the creator. Some are dozens of pages long, others just a paragraph or two. 

Some have loads of bullet points describing product features, others none. Some have a guarantee, some don’t. 

And so on…

None of them seem to follow the regular formulaic ‘rules of copywriting’ you see everywhere.

They only seemed to have one thing in common…

Apart from the incredible sales, that thing was the P-word I mentioned earlier. 

After studying the greatest copywriters in history, it was clear that they all knew this and built their sales letters around it. 

It allowed them to break all the normal so-called rules and regulations and basically write whatever they wanted!

And if you want to find out what it is – I’m afraid you’re going to have to buy the product. 

But I promise that if you do invest $27 today, not only are you not going to be disappointed…

…you’re going to be blown away by what’s inside!

You see, there’s a reason I’ve discounted this from $997 to $27. 

It’s not because it’s not worth $997 (arguably it’s worth way more, given how much you could make by following the wisdom inside). 

It’s not because nobody bought at $997 (they did). 

It’s not because I’m pulling some sneaky trick where you pay your money but only find out you get the first lesson, and have to spend big to get the rest (you get the entire program for $27, no hidden fees). 

Now Available For
Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

The reason for the massive 97% discount is actually more subtle

You see, it’s a question of trust. 

Chances are you’re reading this as a result of clicking on one of my ads, and right now you have no idea who I am. 

You probably don’t even know my name – after all, I haven’t introduced myself yet. 

So you have zero reason to trust me. 

And let’s be honest – trust levels in the online marketing industry are in the toilet these days.

We’ve all suffered 20 years of marketers overpromising and underdelivering. Ridiculous levels of hype. Spammy, scammy and downright unethical sales practices (I’m looking at you, ‘fake webinars’ and ‘fast action discounts’).

Hence we see someone advertising an online marketing product and automatically assume…

'This must be a scam!'

Or if not a scam, we strongly doubt it will be worth the investment. Some half baked product that took 30 minutes to create, full of rehashed info we’ve seen 100 times before. 

If you’ve ever run a Facebook ad in the marketing space, you may have got a shock or two in the comments (I know I did, first time I ran an ad!)

If you haven’t, try scrolling your Facebook feed for a few minutes and look at the comments on the ads. 

It starts with the ‘laugh reactions’, like this:

Not as in ‘this is funny in a good way’ but ‘haha this is ridiculous, only a moron would buy this product’, followed by endless incredibly intelligent comments like ‘tHiS iS a ScAm!!!!11111111’

Personally I wish I was at the level of ultra-genius like these people where I could see an ad for 3 seconds, then automatically know it was a scam – without needing to do any further research. /sarcasm

And if that wasn’t enough, we also get the lovely memes too, like this one:

Really pleasant, right?

This all illustrates how people feel about online marketers these days. To you right now, I appreciate I’m probably just another ‘scam’, to be avoided like the Black Death.

So I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to 'test me out'...

I went through a pHD level of research to create this product. 

Previous students paid $997 – and were delighted with what they received. 

But I recognise it’s a big ask these days for someone to click an ad, then invest nearly a grand in someone they’ve never heard of. 

So instead I decided to bet on myself. 

My bet is if I give you a product that normally costs $997 for $27, you’ll be shocked and delighted at what you get inside. 

Now Available For Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

You’ll be amazed that somebody could give you a product of this quality, for this price. 

That will help gain your trust – then, there’s a chance you might want to work with me on a coaching basis. Maybe you’ll want my help to implement your sales letter and get direct feedback as you go. 

Maybe you’ll want to buy another product. Maybe you’ll want help with something else. 

Maybe you’ll just become a fan and tell everyone about me. 

Either way, that’s the bet I’m taking on. 

Because I don’t make money if someone just pays me $27, then disappears forever. 

I just about break even on that deal.

I only make money if you become a lifelong customer – which means the upfront product has to be good enough to allow that to happen. 

So I see this $27 as your chance to have a test drive in something you’d normally pay a small fortune for. 

Of course, if that’s all you buy with me and you never buy anything else – that’s fine too. I still appreciate your business! 

What's in this product?

Here’s just a few of the nuggets you’ll get on the inside:

  • The 7-letter P-word that holds the secret to maximum conversion…
  • The short, simple 11 step process to go from ‘blank page’ to ‘high converting sales letter…
  • The 7 questions YOU MUST ASK about any product before you can sell it…
  • The R-word which even advanced copywriters don’t know about – which – if you include this in your sales letter – almost always boosts conversions…
  • Reclaimed Wisdom: 45 ‘Over my shoulder’ walkthrough videos uncovering the lost, forgotten-about and unknown wisdom from some of the greatest selling sales letters of all time…
  • The surprisingly simple 4 step structure shared by every single one of the 45 letters…
  • The subtle process behind building mouth-watering, rabid levels of desire for your product…
  • 4 different ways to get prospects to believe that your offer works – sometimes you need 1, 2, 3 or all 4. 
  • The most simple way to ask for the sale and get it…
  • Why logic and NOT emotions is the key to closing the sale – and how to do this elegantly…
  • Why only 15% of the letters included testimonials – and what they did instead to convince the prospect to buy the product…
  • How to tap into deep, sometimes dark desires shared by every single human being on the planet…
  • How to take those desires, connect them to your product and AMPLIFY the hell out of them to make your prospect click the ‘Buy’ button…
  • How to know whether to include bonuses and a guarantee (contrary to popular belief, neither are necessary)…
  • 4 personality types you must cater to if you don’t want to lose the sale (miss just one of these and lose 25% of your customers)…
  • Character and Identity: Little-known ways to link your product to both how the prospect sees and wants to see themselves as a person (most copywriters don’t do this – and miss out on the chance to boost their conversions)…
  • The 13 types of sales letter – each of our 45 examples fits into one of these categories. Every sales letter you ever need to write also fits!
  • The easy process to figure out which sales letter is best for your product…
  • How to write the perfect headline to grab the attention of your specific audience – in the right way!
  • Deep Theory: For ‘copy geeks’ only – detailed theory behind how to better understand your audience and market than any other copywriter – for any product…
  • The elements that absolutely MUST appear in every sales letter – there are some surprising omissions from this list!
  • How to reach audiences who don’t even know they want or need your product – yet!
  • The ‘One-Two Punch Case Study Combo’ – How to display case studies and testimonials so your reader thinks ‘I can do this too!’
  • How to go through any product start to finish and scrape the juiciest morsels in no time at all – then put them in your sales letter to boost conversions (hint: this bullet point list is an example)…
  • The 4 Believability Variables – these determine how much your prospect needs convincing before you ask for the sale…
  • Bullet Point Mastery – How to write bullets which get your audience feeling ‘I want that! And that! And that as well!’ (They pretty much have their credit card in hand at this point)

…and much more!

If you only took just ONE of these ideas and implemented them, you’d have made your $27 back in no time. 

But if you actually work your way start to finish through the 11 step process in this course, there’s no ceiling on the amount of sales you could make. 

For example, I tested this process recently where..

I delivered a short live training to only 19 people, which led to over $15,000 in sales.

These payments were to my Stripe account:

And this was a direct bank transfer:

Btw, if you’re curious this was the previous version of the product you’re looking at right now. 

It used to be called The Copywriting VIP Lounge before I renamed it to The 11 Step Sales Page. 

I sold the self-study version – the one you can get right now for $27 – to one person for $897 (I gave a $100 discount for buying on the webinar) and another for $498.50 (I gave a 50% discount because this person was a former customer. As I said, I do try to treat my customers well, where I can). Then a couple of high level coaching sales and it was a nice pay day!

Now Available For
Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

This proves something important…

As I said before this is about much more than sales pages. 

Once you understand the principles behind what’s going on here – what those great copywriters of the past knew which people today don’t

– you can put that knowledge into any medium you like. 

Any place you have an interaction with your audience is ripe for the picking…*evil laugh*

You could have a lot of fun with this, if you feel that way inclined. 

For example, you could do some clever stuff with your sales page, your social media and all kinds of other stuff, like these folks…

The Power of Improving Your Copy - Even Just A Tiny Bit…

James: From $1500 to $15,000 Per Day

By tweaking the copywriting on his website, I was able to reposition wedding photographer James as the premium option – and he instantly went from struggling to get $1500 per day, to being booked out at $15,000. 

All because of copywriting.

Stanley: 80 Leads From One Facebook Post

I wrote one post for Stanley on my personal Facebook profile. Ended up sending him 80 leads for his $1k/month service (he specialises in cold emails). 

He got booked out and now has a big waiting list. 

All because of copywriting.

Harley: $16k From a One Min Instagram Story

Harley helps people grow their Instagram. She was struggling to get people to sign up to 1-1 coaching for $400/month.

I wrote her a short script and she posted it to her followers on her Insta story. She got 220 leads in the DMs and ended up converting 8 people into her new $2k offer within a day. 

All because of copywriting. 

Paul: $20k in a Couple Of Weeks

I wrote a single Facebook for Amazon Seller coach Paul which he posted on his own profile. He ended up doing $10k in a day and $20k in a couple of weeks for his new course – despite struggling to sell coaching previously.

All because of copywriting.

Anon: 3 Clients in a Week

This business coach didn’t want to be named but signed up 3 high ticket clients in a week from the copy I told her to write. 

She was able to quit her job and go full time. 

All because of copywriting.

And Many More!

A booked out hypnotherapist. Fitness trainer selling £3100 in the first week. A coach improving sales call conversations from 54% to 80%. Even though sales calls wouldn’t seem like copywriting, the same principles apply. Principles I’ll show you on the inside of this course. 

This is just a snapshot of what you could do – once you’ve gained just a tiny fraction of what’s inside.

Now Available For Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

So the question here is…

If all these people can do it, what's stopping you?

None of these people were professional copywriters.

If a person can make one sales page and 10x their income overnight… 

If another can do a one minute Insta story and make $16k… 

If another can write a Facebook post and get booked out with high paying clients for months…

…why shouldn’t you be next?

Sure you can carry on as you are, posting content and hoping for the best. 

Or you can invest a tiny amount of time and money into this process and create yourself…

…an asset that pays you back daily for years to come!

The risk is minimal – it’s literally $27 and a few hours of your time. 

But even despite that, if you invest your time and money in this course and you decide it’s not as good as I’m saying here…

You can fall back on my cast-iron guarantee.

My guarantee is simple:

Try this course for the next 30 days. In fact, I’ll give you 60 days to make sure. 

If you don’t believe it’s worth the money – if you don’t believe there’s even one thing you’ve taken from this that’s helped you…

…just email support [at] magicsaucemarketing.com and we’ll process you a full refund inside 24 hours, no questions asked. 

And I’ll still let you keep your access to the members area, free of charge!

Now Available For
Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

"Who Are You Anyway?"

My name is Richard Fletcher and I’ve been running all nature of businesses online since 2005 – and coaching others on doing the same since 2018. 

That’s me doing various things:

Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher

Although I love online business in general, it’s copywriting that I love more than anything. I’ve easily done my ‘10,000 hours’ when it comes to copy. 

I thought I was a great copywriter until last year – when this process came along and blew me out of the water. 

Since then my income and results have gone up again to the next level – and yours can do the same. 

And if you’re a less experienced copywriter than I was, you might see an even bigger jump in results. 

Now Available For
Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes

"How Is This Product Delivered?"

It’s a very attractive online members area which you go through at your own pace, one short lesson at a time. 

Each of the lessons gives you one of the 11 steps, like building blocks. 

You build each one on top of the other, until at step 11 when you’re like ‘woah! I have a sales letter! Where did that come from?’

Then you stick it online and…

…take it to the bank!

It really is that simple. 

You get instant access if you enrol right now and you get access for the lifetime of the product. 

And like I say – if you’re not happy, email support and we’ll give you a full no questions asked refund – and still let you keep your access. 

What Is This 11 Step Process?

These are the 11 steps you’ll be able to go through in a couple of minutes time, once you’ve gained access.

Each step takes an average of around 15 minutes to complete (maybe slightly more first time around, as you get used to the process). 

Typically these days I go through all 11 steps in under 2 hours. A pretty small time investment to write a sales page that brings you money day after day. You could even do this for other people if you wanted!

Now Available For Instant Digital Access

List Price $997
You’re Saving $970
Get Instant Access To The 11 Step Sales Letter For Just $27.00!
Delivered Instantly. Start the course in the next 2 minutes