The 5 Types of Lame DM Outreach Message (And What To Do Instead)

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Great quote from Mark Firth, in regard to DMs:

‘Every conversation needs context – i.e. a reason for it to start’.

I’ll come back to the relevance of this later, but first – here’s the 5 types of DMs I get on a regular basis (none of which work):

How to convert coaching clients using DM messages.
The look on my face when I get yet another poorly written, not-remotely-persuasive DM pitch.

1️⃣ The Straight Up Pitch

The first message from the person is ‘sign up for my thing’. This could be a FB group, MLM, $7 tripwire, high ticket program, a ‘very valuable’ discovery call…

Basically ‘I don’t know anything about you, but would you like to do something for me?’

I don’t actually mind a pitch – if it’s delivered well. Which it never is.

I’m not saying this doesn’t work, but you’re whacking a golf ball from 200 yards and hoping for a hole in one. Eventually, you’ll succeed – but is this the most efficient way to get sales?

2️⃣ The Leading Question

“Hi Richard, nice to connect. What are your goals for the rest of 2019?”

“Hi Richard, great to connect with you. I love meeting other like minded entrepreneurs! With that in mind, what’s the biggest challenge you face in your business right now?”

As Mark said above – every convo needs a context. Why are you asking this question?

Every time I get a question like this I think “oh, you’re doing that thing where you ask me about my goals so you can show me I don’t know how to achieve them, then position yourself as the answer.”

3️⃣ The ‘I Care About Your Wellbeing’

“Hi, how are you?”

Nothing wrong with this question as such – but again, there’s no context. Why are you asking me?

If you don’t give me a believable answer – and I don’t already know you in real life – I’m going to assume it’s because you want to pitch me something.

4️⃣ The ‘Let’s Have a Call’

“Let’s have a call because I like to connect with people. I’m the kind of person who just loves to make real life connections – and you can’t do that on Messenger. Let’s have a 1-1 call so we can connect!”

For some reason this seems to be more popular on LinkedIn than FB. Either way, it’s my least favourite type of DM. Why?

Because it’s disingenious. You don’t want to connect, you want to sell me something. I’d respect you more if you were actually honest:

“Let’s have a call so I can pitch you my coaching services.”

Admittedly I’d still say no, but I do at least tip my hat to the directness.

If you’re doing this, please STOP. Not only is it a poor method of winning new clients, it says terrible things about you. What kind of in-demand business owner offers up their time to someone they’ve just connected with, who they know nothing about?

A desperate one, that’s who.

5️⃣ The Life Story

‘Thanks for connecting. Let me tell you briefly about what I do’.

***2000 words later***…

Probably don’t need to explain why this is a bad message.


What to do instead?

Well personally, I don’t send ‘connect’ messages anymore. I just add the right people as friends and let my content draw them in, when they are ready.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to send direct outreach – it definitely can still work – but I just find it largely inefficient, and very boring.

The key to making DO work is to make your message personalised. As Mark said – there needs to be a reason for the message. There needs to be a context behind it.

If you don’t give a believable reason for why you’re messaging, the person will likely assume it’s a pitch.

“Hey Richard, great to connect. I loved your post yesterday on XYZ, I agreed with pretty much every word. What’s your take on ABC?”

Specific compliment which I know isn’t a cut and paste, plus a relevant question. I will probably reply to this message.

We then get into a discussion, where you might ask more about what I do (as you would in a normal conversation). Then at some point in reciprocation I’ll ask what you do.

Then – if you’re skilled enough – you’re into a sales convo, if I’m a potential prospect.

I’d be willing to bet you’ll get better results from spending the same time messaging 10 people a unique message like this, than cutting and pasting 100 people the same message.

Want to be able to convert folks in the DMs? Check out my Messenger Mastery pdf. It’s only 22 pages long, but it contains the perfect responses to a ton of questions you get on Messenger – like ‘how much is your program?’ and ‘can you tell me more about your program?’

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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