The 5 Step Sales Formula For Facebook Posts

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Here’s a simple formula you can use for your product promo posts on Facebook.

I used this to sell 28 copies of my Messenger Mastery doc when I initially launched it during Christmas 2019.

Enrol high ticket clients in Facebook Messenger

I made a couple of posts using this formula and waited for people to message me. You can do the same – whether it’s a new pdf doc like this, or your high ticket program.


Either go with:

a) Do you experience <X problem>?

eg ‘Don’t you hate it when you’re talking to potential clients on Messenger, you say the wrong thing…and they disappear?’


b) How to get <Y amazing result>

eg ‘How to enrol an endless conveyor belt of ideal high ticket clients on Messenger – without even getting up off the sofa!’


Now begin to build out your headline. Describe in detail the current situation your prospect is experiencing.

eg: ‘You lose yet another client who should have given you $5k, but instead…you wasted your time and they give that money to someone else.

And you’re like ‘ARGH…where did I go wrong?

Getting this right can be the difference between having a thriving business, or an expensive hobby.’

The lead only needs to be a few sentences, but the aim is for the prospect to say ‘yes! That’s exactly what’s happening to me. How do I fix it?’


Now you present the thing that fixes the problem – your offer. Notice how I weave credibility into the mix.

Eg ‘I used to experience this constantly and it drove me INSANE.

So over the past 18 months, I’ve tested every kind of message you can imagine – and so have my students.

I’ve studied all this nerdy real world data and come up with the best possible responses to these questions – to make high ticket sales with boring regularity.

These responses are all in my brand new pdf doc ‘Messenger Mastery’. So you’ll never be stuck again wondering how to respond to ‘tell me about your program’, ‘send me some case studies’, ‘let me think about it’, or ‘what’s the price?’

It’s only 22 pages long, so you can read it fast. The idea is you keep it on hand, and it’s there when you need it. Even if you only make one extra sale, it’s well worth the investment.#

Side Note: If you ever speak to clients on any kind of DM (Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta etc), you’re throwing money away by not having a copy of the Messenger Mastery pdf doc. Yeah, I know it’s not $99 anymore, but I guarantee – this will pay you back time and time again. Especially if you sell a high ticket coaching program.


The price was $99 until the end of 2019, then it went up to $250. So I added…

“The price is $99 until the end of 2019. Then it’s $250 after that.”

Dead simple stuff. Obviously leave this out if it’s not relevant.


Again, dead easy – what you do want interested prospects to do next?

“Indicate below if you’re even remotely curious.”

Obviously, this was on a Facebook post – I wanted people to comment, so I could then message them with the instructions to buy the doc.

On a sales page, you’ll tell them to click the order button.

And that’s it! Simple.

Also – if you become part of The Ecosystem family, I show you exactly how to write posts like this. So you’re never wondering ‘did I do it right?’ Many of my clients get 12 or 13 leads from their very first Facebook post, enrol a few of those into high paying clients of their own – and never look back!

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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