Thanks for registering for the live training!

Check your email - I've sent you a Zoom link.

All you need to do is click the link and come on the call at the time specified. 

I recommend you create a new item in your phone calendar and add the Zoom link in, with a reminder 30 mins and 5 mins before – so you have the link handy and you don’t miss the call.

Be sure to arrive a couple of mins early because I always start exactly on time. 

Your camera and mic will not be on – so don’t worry about making yourself look pretty!

Remember this is a LIVE call. It’s not some fake ‘pretend to be live but is actually recorded’ webinar.

If you want to interact, you can ask questions as we go in the chat – and I do try to answer everything.

Of course, if you just want to lurk in the background and take in the info, that’s fine too. 

If you don’t see the email, check your spam/junk folder. 

If you still don’t see anything, email support@magicsaucemarketing.com and we’ll get you fixed up. 

Look forward to seeing you on the call!


Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher