How Much Moolah Are You Throwing Away When Chatting to Prospects On Messenger?

You know when you’re chatting to a prospect on Messenger and you’re like ‘herpa derp, what do I say now?’

You say the wrong thing and they lose interest.
Dammit, another potential client down the drain.
What if you had a handy reference guide which could give you the perfect responses to messages like:
“How much is your program?”
“Tell me about your program”
“Can I speak to people you’ve worked with?”
“This is outside my budget”
“I can’t do this now, I’m working with your competitor”
Or when you say something and they don’t reply. How do you re-engage?
My Messenger Mastery pdf doc is only 22 pages long. But it contains the perfect responses to each of the messages (and a whole bunch more).
Basically, the most common messages we all get that trip us up.
Not only that, I explain the detailed psychology behind all this, so you know exactly WHY you’re sending that specific reply.
Over the past 18 months I’ve tested every sort of response you could think of to each of these situations, and these are the messages which have worked best, time and time again.
By ‘worked’ I mean – consistently led to prospects enrolling in my $6500 Ecosystem program.
(Not just for me, but my Ecosystem clients too)
Speaking of which, my client Joanna used to lose clients all the time on Messenger.
She’d tell them about her offer and they’d go quiet. Or say ‘sounds great, give me some time to think about it.’
And then never return…
Since getting her hands on this doc, she’s sold a bunch of $5k places into her brand new Pinterest training course…
If you have any kind of high ticket program, this doc is a no brainer. Just store it on your phone/computer and refer to it anytime you’re like ‘ok, what do I say now?’
Even if you don’t have a high ticket program, but you speak to prospects 1-1 – this document is ‘money in the bank’ for you. 
In case you don’t already know me

My name is Richard Fletcher

 That’s me in the pic, with my wife Alice.
I run a business which shows other online business owners how to get high paying clients, simply by posting daily on their Facebook profile. 
I’ve been doing this myself since the start of 2019 (and in my Facebook group since mid 2018).  
My posts would always generate leads in my Messenger inbox from folks asking 
Hey Richard, please can you tell me more about your program?’
But I’d have an annoying habit of losing those leads. 
I’d unwittingly say the wrong thing and they’d just stop replying to me.
It used to drive me insane! Why did these people start off so keen and suddenly lose interest?
One day, yet another hot prospect flaked on me, and I decided….

"Enough is Enough!"

So over the course of the next 18 months, I made it my obsession to come up with a system that would sell my course predictably.  
And in the process, answer the following questions:
What causes a prospect to stop replying?
What causes them to lose interest, when previously they seemed super keen?
What makes a person want to enrol NOW?
How do you tell a person about your program in an authentic, non-salesy way – yet still make them want to buy?
I didn’t figure it out straight away. But eventually, prospects started enrolling into my $6500 Ecosystem program simply as a result of the messages I sent them. 
Soon, I got to the point where this happened consistently and predictably, week after week. 
That was the point I knew I’d cracked the code for Messenger Mastery. 
Enrol high ticket clients in Facebook Messenger
I then passed this bank-account-fattening info onto my students – who experienced the same results. Easy signups, day after day. 
Literally every message in this document has been tested hundreds of times by both myself and my students.
I have scientifically proven through painful amounts of nerdy testing – these are the best, most efficient messages you can send to a prospect. 

"Alright, How Much Is It?"

It’s a nice even $250.
Yes, I know it’s a short document. But that’s the beauty of it. You can read the whole thing in 10-15 minutes, yet equip yourself with super-advanced knowledge that your competition doesn’t have.
If you have any kind of high ticket program, this doc is a no brainer. Just store it on your phone/computer and refer to it anytime you’re like ‘ok, what do I say now?’ 
Even if you don’t have a high ticket program, but you speak to prospects 1-1: this document is ‘money in the bank’ for you.
If you only learned one thing which helped you make a single sale that you wouldn’t otherwise have had…
…it would still be worth it, right?

But That's Not The Reality...

In reality, there’s going to be numerous times in the doc when I give you the perfect example of what to say…
Or when I explain why certain things happen (like prospects ‘ghosting’ you) and what to do about it…
…and you’re slapping yourself across the forehead going ‘of course! Why didn’t I see this before?’
Even if you’re already excellent at sales, you’re probably making at least 1 or 2 mistakes along the way. 
Sure, you may be getting people to sign up right now…

But How Many Clients Are You Currently Missing Out On?

Let’s say you have a $5k program.
And let’s say you’re making just one mistake in your Messenger chats which causes a certain type of prospect to instantly lose interest. 
And let’s say this mistake only happens once a month.
Not really worth getting this guide in that case, right?
Bzzzzzt! Wrong answer. 
Because if you instead say the right thing to that prospect, they enrol. That’s an extra $5k every single month for the rest of your life.
Why would you attempt to save $250 right now by not buying this guide…but lose $5k every single month?

Get The Doc, And Get Something Your Competitors

Don't Have.

Part of the reason this doc is $250 and not $47 (like seemingly every other info product out there) is one simple reason…
…I don’t want too many people to get their hands on this info!
I don’t want to risk the messages becoming less effective if thousands of people get their hands on this doc. 
So I’m weeding out the bottom feeders and freebie seekers and only making the gold available to those who understand that…
the very best, life changing knowledge requires a more serious investment!
(After all, when was the last time you bought a $47 ebook that changed your life?)
If you invest in this doc, you get ahead of your broke, cheap competitors who insist on trying to figure this stuff out themselves (yet never succeeding). 
More importantly, you start converting prospects you’re currently losing. 


No, it works on any conversation you have 1-1 with a prospect. LinkedIn, Insta, FB - it's all the same. 2 people having a sales convo. 

Yes, because we go deep into the psychology of sales. What makes people want to buy vs want to run away. These are principles which apply to us all as human beings. It's completely independent of your niche and your product. 

Every person who has applied this stuff has made sales as a result. You can never be 100% sure of anything in life, but in terms of an 'intelligent bet', it's about as close as you can get. 

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