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Q: How long should a Facebook post be?
A: In general, no more than 500 words. That’s because beyond that point, the ‘see more’ button changes to ‘continue reading’. The post then opens up in a new window. This makes people less likely to click it (both because they know it’s going to be a long post, and because they can’t be bothered waiting for a new window to load). 
Q: Images or no images in posts?
A: Sometime around early 2018, somebody decided ‘posts with images get more reach on Facebook!’ Since then, every marketer puts a cheesy smiling picture of themself with every post – despite the image bearing zero relevance to the content. 
I’m not saying it’s wrong to do this. And you should definitely use images of yourself now and again, because people connect with you more. But it’s not necessary. I often write text only posts which get over 100 comments. So I don’t think the extra reach you allegedly get by adding an image is really much to shout about. 
Q: Should I do these posts in order?
A: No, you can do them in any order you want – although I recommend starting with an engagement post, to put your account in decent standing with the Facebook algorithm. After that, it’s about having a nice mixture of posts on your profile. 
Q: How often should I post?
A: Generally once a day is enough. I average around 5 posts a week. Once you post more than once a day, your posts start to compete with each other in the newsfeed. You can post twice in a day, but make sure you space the posts out. 
Q: Isn’t it against the Facebook TOS to promote on your personal profile? 
A: Yes, but what exactly qualifies as ‘promotion’ is open to interpretation. If we go back to the goal of Facebook – to make money from sponsored ads – if your profile is regularly getting loads of discussion and engagement, then you’re helping Facebook achieve their goals. So you’re in the good books. 
If however, you keep making poorly written promo posts ‘sign up for my thing’ – over and over again – well, people will start reporting you as spam and you risk getting shut down. 
Q: Can I make personal posts about my life outside of business?
A: Yes, but I recommend 90% of your posts should be on point and business related. People need to be able to come to your profile and know immediately who it’s for and what it’s about. But it’s definitely good to share your life now and again, so people see you’re a real 3 dimensional human being, instead of some business cyborg.
Q: Can I use my story to boost engagement?
Yes, absolutely. I often take a screenshot of my latest post with my phone, then add it to my story with a caption ‘How to get XYZ good thing – new post on profile’. That helps drive more views. 
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