How Are All These ‘Non-Business’ Coaches Making $20k/Month+…

Without Spending Any Money On Ads?

I know that sounds kinda spammy, right?

Like one of those ‘sack your boss’ style ads that were all the rage in 2008:

“Finally – Sack Your Boss! Guaranteed Turnkey Magic Bullet System Pours Thousands of Dollars in Your Bank While You Sleep! No Experience, Knowledge or Brain Required!”

If you’re anything like I was back then – a gullible idiot – the sales letters for these ‘systems’ got you ridiculously excited every single time. You whipped your credit card out, handed over the $47…

…(because obviously if you did have a system which worked this well, you’d sell it for only $47, right?)…

…and – like a mountain lion that hadn’t eaten for 2 weeks – you immediately devoured the amazing content that was going to make you rich.

Inevitably, the ‘secret method’ didn’t work. You felt disappointed and sad for a bit…

…until the next big ‘work from your laptop anywhere in the world!’ offer appeared and you jumped right in again!

Hopefully you were smarter than I was and didn’t find yourself hoodwinked time and time again.

Personally, I went round this carousel numerous times, until I learned a painful truth which only came through experience:

Get rich quick doesn't work!

Now, I’m sure you know this already.

However there’s something else you might not be fully aware of:

Just because get rich quick doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you have to get rich slow!

Let’s say you’re a life coach. Or a fitness coach. Or a health coach. Or a NLP coach. Or a sex coach. Or a dating and relationships coach. Or you help people overcome anxiety and stress. Or…well, you get the picture.

Most non-business coaches find themselves permanently in one of 2 positions:

1. They make decent money in a day job they don’t really like, but would love to quit one day so they can coach full time. However they can’t, because they don’t make enough money from the coaching business.

2. They work full time in their coaching business and make $2-10k a month. They constantly worry about where the next client is coming from. Everything is about survival. Scaling is impossible.

Either way, the problem is the same:

They don't have a regular flow of clients coming through the door!

If only they knew, there’s a simple way of getting that regular flow of clients

– without throwing away thousands of dollars in ads.

That way? The Ecosystem.

It’s 100% organic, which means once I’ve shown you this system, you can easily scale past $20k/month without spending any money (beyond the initial investment for this program, of course).If you then want to scale further, you can invest in ads. But you’re doing it the right way – you’re adding to a business which is already successful. You know what works organically, so you know what will work in an ad.You’re reinvesting money the business has already earned, rather than taking it from your own pocket.

Or you can do what I do and say ‘I’m making more money than I ever dreamed possible and I have the lifestyle I always wanted. I work less than 20 hours a week, have no boss, no stress and no problems. My wife and I can go on holiday whenever we want. Why do I need to bother scaling up even more? I already have everything I need!’ But the key here is clear:

You're the one making that choice.

Totally different to those programs which charge you $10k+ for the program upfront and don’t bother to mention you then need to invest a further $5k/month in ads.
So many great coaches right now are throwing thousands of dollars a month on Facebook ads in the hope of hitting the big time.
I don’t blame them for doing this – it’s exactly what these high level programs told them to do – but what do they get in return? The odd ‘discovery call’ booked, and the occasional signup. But nothing near the scale they want.
Sometimes they make a few thousand a month, sometimes they lose money. But it’s definitely not the dream lifestyle they signed up for.
I’ll explain exactly how The Ecosystem makes you all the money you want in just a second, but first – let’s hear what my client Michael – a dating coach for men – had to say about it:

I know this is a LOOOONG testimonial, so here’s the TL;DR:

Despite that, within a few weeks he was enrolling clients into his brand new high ticket program.
The final takeaway from Michael?
“In a little more than a month, you can go from absolutely nothing to establishing a legitimate and thriving business. It’s really amazing how quickly you can apply it.”
And if you have an established business already, your results will be even more impressive (providing you apply the material in the course, obviously).
Just before I explain what this ‘Ecosystem’ thingy is all about, let me quickly introduce myself.
Hi! I'm Richard Fletcher

I’m from the north of England. That’s me there with my wife Alice on our wedding day in 2018:

But this isn’t about me – it’s about you and your business and finally making that big breakthrough.

So, The ecosystem. What's it all about?

The goal to get a regular flow of ideal clients organically so you can get to that $20k/month mark – without having to pay for ads.

Here’s the step by step process:

Get your ideal client to follow you on social media.

My preferred platform is Facebook, but choose the one you like best.

Create regular content that speaks to your ideal client and positions you as an authority.

We want to get our prospects not only to notice us, but to also believe we can help them. I post almost daily on Facebook to achieve this.

‘Bait’ your prospect into reaching out to you.

If you know how to create content in just the right way, over time your ideal prospect will become curious to know more. At this point you’ll find them in your inbox asking ‘hey, can you tell me more about your program?’

Filter and convert.

Not every prospect will be perfect. Some won’t have the money. Some won’t be committed to doing the work. And some of them you just don’t like. Filter out the undesirables and convert the rest. Most folks screw up here and leave thousands of dollars on the table (either by having a rubbish offer or not knowing what to do)..


Should go without saying, but deliver (preferably overdeliver) on your promises so you get amazing testimonials (like the one from Michael above).

Feed these testimonials back into The Ecosystem.

The more you can prove that what you offer actually works, the more new prospects you’ll generate.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Filter and convert the new leads. Feed the new testimonials back into The Ecosystem.

Massive Brand, Massive Moolah Wooyeah!

This creates a snowball effect which results in a massive brand that grows and grows. Any time someone checks out your profile (and they will!), they will see your impressive brand. This social proof is incredibly valuable!

Let’s move on to Paul. Paul is an Amazon seller who coaches other sellers on how to well…sell more!
Paul came to me as an established business owner with several years under his belt. 
This is the message he sent 2 days after signing up with me:

Paul went on to make just under $20,000 in about 2 weeks and hasn’t looked back since. He’s now seen as a leader in his industry, and is regularly invited to speak at big conferences.This transformation happened FAST. Like I said before, ‘get rich fast’ is a myth. However, you can still get rich pretty fast – but only if you know exactly what to do.One more? Ok, let’s talk about another Paul. This Paul isn’t even a coach – he’s actually been a self employed web designer for over a decade:

Again, this is a super long testimonial, so here’s the TL;DR:

This last one is an important point. While The Ecosystem as a concept is pretty easy to grasp, there’s a number of ‘essential marketing skills for life’ which you automatically acquire as you go through the course.

“What the devil are these

‘Essential Marketing Skills for Life’, Richard?”

Positioning Prowess

Discover how to place yourself uniquely and credibly in even the busiest marketplace.

The Social Media Moneymaker

Write simple 10 minute social media posts from your phone which attract your ideal clients (and repel the time wasters, freebie seekers and folks with no money)!

Slick Sales Calls

Convert prospects with the minimum of fuss in 1 sales call (without having to cynically prod pain points or bully them with ‘fast action discounts’ and other scarcity tactics)

Messenger Conversion Mastery

Introverts love this one. 50% of my clients enrol without even needing a sales call. Tap away on your phone on the sofa while you watch TV and enrol high paying clients without even needing to speak to them!

The LinkedIn Filtrator

A 10 minute per day method which allows you to connect and enrol ideal clients on LinkedIn (without spamming, cold messaging or ‘connecting and pitching’)

The Cold Convo Chat Method

Ever connected with someone on social media who could have been an ideal client but you didn’t know what to say? This method allows you to naturally tell them about what you do in a way which makes them curious to know more. And if they stop replying, or give any kind of ‘fob off’ excuse for why they don’t need your help right now, you’ll know what to say to get them back on track.

Top Testimonials

A simple process to ask your clients for testimonials in such a way that makes future prospects want to buy (hint: ‘Sharon is a nice person and I enjoyed working with her’ isn’t a good testimonial!)

Mindreading Magic

Understand exactly where your prospect is at in the sales process, WHY they are doing what they are doing – and what to say/do next.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having these skills.

The ability to understand exactly where other humans are at and what they need right now…
…well, that goes much deeper than just business, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much the key to life, in my opinion!
'Unfair Advantages'​

You’re able to step into any market

And make yourself more credible than your competition. They’re all wondering why their prospects are telling them ‘I can’t afford it’, then signing up with you a week later.

You’re efficient time-wise

You don’t waste hours on sales calls with prospects who are never going to sign up. You don’t waste hours each day doing useless ‘busy work’. You can work only an hour a day and still make lots more money than your competition.

You can write words that sell

In your own authentic voice, with your own humour and personality. You don’t sound like some robot (which is how most people sound after they go through those other courses).

You’re able to sell 1-1

In chat, on calls, in person. It doesn’t matter. Right now, even most coaches who are ‘good’ at selling are still losing too many prospects who should be enrolling. This is a skill you need if you want to be successful in business. How long are you going to wait to master this?

You’re future proofed

because you understand the principles of marketing at a deep level. As opposed to learning a bunch of tactics which stop working in a few months time. No matter which direction you take in future, you go into it armed with this essential wisdom.

Even if you only added the sales skills to your arsenal and ignored the rest, it would still easily be worth the investment.You could run ads, do networking events,whatever you like…but you’d actually start converting! In fact, one of my most recent clients came to me and said…

“Richard, I’ve done every other program out there. What makes yours any different?”

As she will now testify, the thing that really makes this program stand out is the level of support.

Yes, there’s endless ‘gold nuggets’ which I’ve never seen in anywhere else.
However what you don’t get elsewhere is an expert on call whenever you want. You don’t get someone who can say…

“This is how it applies to you.”

You can ask me questions on Messenger whenever you want. We’ll even jump on adhoc Zoom calls if necessary.
Other coaches don’t offer that because they are obsessed with ‘scaling’.

“But if I offer any kind of 1-1 help for my clients, I can’t scale to a bazillion dollars a month!”

Bleh. Who cares, right?
As I said before, I’m already making more money than I thought possible. Scaling just isn’t that important to me.
(That said, you could easily scale to 100k/month+ doing this if you wanted)

Anyway, the client I mentioned above – a career coach – came to me with the following problem:

“I run ads to a webinar and I’m getting calls booked, but I’m not enrolling anyone.”

(sound familiar?)

Here’s what I did for her that nobody else would do:

  1. I sifted through all her recent leads and analysed them for commonalities.
  2. I listened to 3 of her sales calls.
  3. I went through all of her marketing.

And I discovered the following:

  1. . Most of her prospects were new graduates with no job and no money. Not impossible to sell these people but not easy, right?
  2. She was being too ‘nicey nice’ on her sales calls. Not calling people out on their crap (a common problem).
  3. She was trying to ask painful questions (as she had been taught previously) but didn’t know why. So the conversation meandered around instead of constantly getting closer to an enrolment.
  4.  Her pitch was weak and unconvincing.
  5. She had no idea how to handle objections (that said, you don’t tend to get many objections when you do it my way).
She had no idea how to handle objections (that said, you don’t tend to get many objections when you do it my way).
The take home lesson here?
I don’t know what state your business is in right now. It might be you’re starting from scratch. Or it might be you’re like this client – you only have a few issues that need fixing and suddenly the floodgates of cash will open for you.
But how are you going to find out what those issues are? Who else is offering to take the time to not only find out, but tell you exactly how to fix it and hold your hand every step of the way?

Just to prove I really do give the support I offer:

"Richard is the real deal, and I just wish I'd found him this time last year before I spent 10k on something that didn't deliver."

"So impressed with the 1-1 feedback. Worth. Every. Penny."

"3rd client signed up last night!"

"This level of individual attention is practically unheard of"

So to Summarise…

The Ecosystem brings you regular ideal clients without spending money on ads.
Even if you already have a successful ad funnel,
The Ecosystem is effectively an extra revenue stream which costs zero money.

You also get the 1-1 support you need to diagnose exactly
why you’re not seeing the results you want in your business right now
– and how to make the require changes.
And of course as much specific feedback from me as you implement those changes.

All inside the next 6 weeks

Your Choice…

Have a look on the calendar and find 6 weeks from today. What’s your business going to look like?

You can wake up that morning and be in the exact same position as you are today. Stuck. Stagnating. Not moving forward. Not making any more money. Still feeling lost, frustrated and confused. Wondering why dumber folks are raking in the cash while you’re left scratching your head trying to figure out where you’re going wrong.

Or you can wake up full of confidence and excitement. You’ve removed all the blockages in the pipeline that were stopping your business. Money is now flowing to you easily and predictably – with less effort than you were putting in before!

Online marketing allows me to drink gin cocktails in the sun while everyone else is working. Go me!
You now have the choice. Quit your day job and go full time online (if you’re not already). Scale up and make crazy money. Or just do what I do, which is simply…

…enjoy making more money than you ever thought possible without having to work yourself crazy!

Want to know more? There’s no webinar to watch. No ‘discovery call’ to book. The only way you can find out if you’re eligible for this program is to go to my personal Facebook profile and send me a message.

We’ll then have a bright and breezy, laid back, light hearted chat. I’ll find out how your business is looking right now, and where you’d like to get to. I’ll also ask a few questions to make sure I’m 100% certain you’ll get the result we both want.

Then – and only then – will I invite you in.

It’s up to you. But the sooner you take control and get this handled, the sooner you get the dream life you want. Every day you delay is a day you’re not living your dream.

Click the button below open up a chat with me on Messenger to take the first step.


It's a 6 week program delivered by video in an online secret members area. You get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions. You can also ask Richard questions on Messenger any time you want. 

This course is aimed to give you the exact info you need to make $20k a month, without any filler. So the longest week's content is week 2 - just over 2 and a half hours. 
You'll then need to commit to writing daily Facebook posts (10-30 mins writing time) and nurturing your leads - 15 mins a day. 

As long as you're a coach who genuinely helps your clients, this will work for you. However, you need to have a conversation with Richard first in order to verify this. Hit the big green button above to get started. 

Week 1: Positioning. Stand out as being unique in your marketplace. Craft an offer your prospects  clamber over themselves to buy. 
Week 2: How to write simple social media posts that create desire in your audience and position yourself and both credible and unique. 
Week 3: Conversion. Sales call mastery and slick Messenger conversion. 
Week 4: Promotion. How to run your first promotion so you bring in the $$$!
Weeks 5 and 6: Advanced copywriting skillz! This is where you really stand out from the crowd and find your unique, authentic voice. You'll not only write persuasive content, you'll also write with humour and personality. You'll connect with your audience in a way your competitors are incapable of. 
By the end of the 6 week you'll be in a position where you can sell your offer like clockwork. 

I understand that. That's not how I work. A chat with me is laid back and fun. Not like any 'sales conversation' you've ever had. In fact, the chat itself will inform your own sales conversations as you think 'ah - I could also do it like this!'

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