How Much Extra Money Would You Make If The Top Experts in the World Set Up Your Entire Automated Salesman Funnel For You?

I’m talking about the ‘Dream Team’ of…

The Most Persuasive Copywriters

My team and I write your sales page using the timeless persuasion principles of the Automated Salesman.

The Best Designer

One of the top page designers in the world – who works behind the scenes at Clickfunnels – designs and creates your page (he did my Automated Salesman page, if you’re wondering).

The Most Expensive Ad Men

Possibly the most expensive Youtube ad man you can find. 

He doesn’t want to be revealed but if you can somehow get hold of him he’ll charge you $16k just to set up your ads. Then $4k/month retainer from then on. 

He runs ads for most of the top guys in the industry, spending millions per month. Even better, his ads often run for years – because he knows how to set them up in a way that guarantees long term success. 

And yes, he runs my Youtube ads for me.

How much would you expect to pay for all this?


A decent copywriter would charge $5k for a sales page, delivered to you in a Google doc. A very good one $10k. And the top guys charge $50k and beyond. 

But let’s assume $10k. 

Then you’ll pay $10k again for a top level designer – but let’s just say $5k, for argument’s sake. 

Then we already know the ad man charges $16k. Plus $4k retainer.

That's $31k, plus $4k/month after that!

The good news is you won’t have to pay that. 

Yes, this is still a 5 figure investment. 

It couldn’t be any other way, given the quality of the people involved. 

After all, we’re creating you an asset in your business that you ‘set and forget’ – and it delivers sales for years to come.

So how much is it?

When I go live to the full world with this, it will be $25k. And then likely will increase to $35k after that. 

However I first want to test the entire process start to finish. 

Verify how long it takes to complete a full funnel so I can do it on repeat like a ‘sausage factory’. 

So for a limited time, this deal is just $12k in 3 monthly payments (6/3/3), or $10k as a payment in full. 

Then once we’ve got your ads setup and you’re making oodles of money, it’s just $1000/month to carry on managing your ads for you. 

Or you can take your account back and do it yourself (we don’t recommend this though – it’s best not to risk breaking something that works so well). 

For every new customer, I will increase the price by $1000 – because I want to reward the people who take action NOW.

Want to find out more?

Book in on the calendar below to speak to me/my team and find out if this is right for you.