What Seven Letter P-Word Connects 45 Of The Greatest Sales Letters Of All Time?

The answer has the potential to catapult you into 'The Copywriting VIP Lounge' - a tiny, exclusive breed of copywriters who charge - and get - whatever price they want.

All by digging up some lost, forgotten-about and misunderstood 'buried secret treasure' from the past…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve taken a LOT of copywriting courses over the years. 

And while many of them were useful, they all missed something very important. 

You see, each teacher has their own specific way of writing copy that they think is right. 

Some say the Problem -> Agitate -> Solve model is the answer. Others insist it’s about storytelling. Others tell you ‘don’t overcomplicate, just sell the damn thing!’ And countless more.

Apparently you also need a hook, a new mechanism, bullets, a guarantee, a ‘P.S.’ or 10 at the end and, well, all the other copywriting cliches that have been wheeled out for the past 20+ years.

The copy also needs to be as short and easy to read as possible. Nothing that a 9 year old couldn’t understand. 

And a multitude of other rules and regulations too. 

If all of this is true, then why do some of the greatest sales letters:

  • Hammer away at the problem – ‘prod the pain’ – and others never mention it nce?
  • Go on a long elaborate story and others have no story at all?
  • Jump in with a direct offer and others take ages to get to the point?
  • Give you the life story of the product creator and others don’t mention him/her even once?
  • Contain loads of testimonials and others have none?
  • Have dozens of pages and others just a few paragraphs?
  • Have loads of bullets and others have none?
  • Have a watertight guarantee and others have no guarantee?

And…a whole host of similar questions. 

It’s not that these things are wrong. In fact, they are right – just not in EVERY SINGLE SITUATION. 

It’s clear that if you want to be a master of your craft – if you want to be able to sell any product – then these ‘one size fits all’ methods can only take you so far. 

Sure, they will work well sometimes. But the truth is…

Each of the gurus has a piece of the pie, but nobody has the full pie - until now.

This all came about because one day in mid 2021 – during a bored-Covid-lockdown-inspired-moment – something came to mind which first seemed like a pointless brain-fart, but later turned out to be a major epiphany. 

My name’s Richard Fletcher and I’m a copywriter/online business owner. I’ve sold 7 figures+ of my own stuff and helped others sell millions more with my various trainings and coaching over the years. 

That’s me below, in a variety of things I quite enjoy:

Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher

I was pondering the above questions because I was thinking about the best selling sales letters of all time.

There’s a hive of amazing minds who have written these sales letters. 

We’ve got folks from the early to mid 20th century – like John Caples, Eugene Schwartz and Claude Hopkins right up to more recent geniuses like Matt Furey, Jay Abraham and Frank Kern.

Some of the sales letters written by these geniuses sold millions of dollars of product.

Even billions in some cases. 

Each of these writers has their own style and brings something different to the table. All of their sales letters seem completely different. 

Yet, as we’re about to discover – each of the letters written by these people – and all of the other great letters I analysed – all share something important in common. 

During my brain-fart, I suddenly started to ponder:

“Despite the fact that all these sales letters seem vastly different, what if there’s something that connects them all together? What if there’s a missing piece in the puzzle which any copywriter could use to sell any product like crazy?”

And without realising, I fell down the rabbit hole. 

I read a 2022 sales letter from Frank Kern. Then I gobbled up a 1909 masterpiece by Claude Hopkins. Then various works of art from all the years in-between – from Agora, Gary Bencivenga, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, Frank Kern, Claude Hopkins, Green Tea Press, Harlan Kilstein, Joe Sugarman, Martin Conroy, Max Sackheim, Matt Furey, Scott Haines, Jay Abraham and Jason Fladlien…to name but a few. 

After working my way through more than a hundred sales letters, I whittled this list down to 45 of the most insightful, smart, creative, interesting and – most importantly – best selling of the lot. 

I scratched my head asking myself ‘what on earth do these letters have in common?’

The answer I came up with was…

Nothing. Nada. Absolutely zero.

And then it hit me…

The 7 letter P-word.

Did you get it?

If you said Product – no. Presell – bzzzt! Wrong. Planning – no. That’s got 8 letters anyway…

The correct answer was…*drum roll please*…


Defined as “a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.”

In layman’s terms, the goal of every sales letter I analysed was the same – to get you to believe a specific statement. 

If you don’t believe this statement, you don’t buy the product.

For example, a statement like…

"The water in your morning shower is toxic!"

If I just said that and presented you with a shower filter to fix the problem, would you buy it immediately? 

Almost certainly not – unless you’re a sucker like me who will buy anything. 

No, you’d have very reasonable questions like ‘What the hell are you talking about? What’s wrong with my water?’

I would then need to answer those questions. But – and here’s the key – if I could give good enough answers to those questions that you believed me, then you might be willing to buy my product which fixes the problem. 

One of the sales letters I reviewed – from Agora – does exactly this:

Five Hidden Dangers of Your Morning Shower

This is one of the 45 sales letters I cover in detail in the course – but for now, it’s enough for us to understand that the premise here is made in the headline. 

But – before you get excited and think ‘Aha!! I must always include my premise in the headline!’, let me pull you back. 

You see, very often the premise doesn’t appear in the headline. There are specific reasons for that – again, covered in the course. 

This is part of the difference between a very good copywriter and a truly great one…

Have you ever read a piece of copy and thought ‘I don’t know why, but this just FEELS like copy. There’s nothing technically wrong with it, yet at the same time something isn’t quite right’?

This isn’t limited to sales letters either. 

This is something that I see on Facebook, Instagram and in my email inbox all the time. 

I read the copy and mentally applaud the writing, but I don’t buy. Even though everything is technically in the right place, something stops me – I’ll come to that in a moment. 

With the great copywriters, I don’t even realise I’m reading copy most of the time. 

I don’t think ‘this is well written and very persuasive.’ I’m too engrossed in reading to assess it as I go. Before I know it I’m getting my credit card out. 

The great copywriters don’t need to worry about rules and regulations. They don’t have a 22 point list of things that have to be in every sales letter: 

‘Let’s see, headline – check. Lead – check. Problem – check. Agitate problem – check. Introduce product as the solution – check. CTA – check. Oh wait – I’ve not got any bullet points, bonuses or a guarantee! Better put them in, otherwise nobody could possibly ever buy this!’

The great copywriters only care about 2 things…

First prove the premise, then prove the product!

For example, in this sales letter the premise is…

‘Even if you’re a very good copywriter already, there’s another level you can get to where you can be even better than you are already. This level is responsible for an exponential increase in your income.’

This also applies to solopreneurs as well as copywriters. 

So I only have 2 goals with this letter:

  1. Prove this premise is true…
  2. Prove my product is the vehicle to get you there. 

If I can prove there’s a level above where you’re at now, there’s a decent chance you’ll buy the course. All I need to do is show the course can get you there and offer you a deal which you accept. 

This letter was written using the exact same 11 step process I reveal in this course – a process distilled from the great sales letters of the wizened old masters. Reverse engineered into a step by step plan. 

I completed all 11 steps for this sales letter in just just over 3 hours, by the way – so it doesn’t have to take forever. 

This brings us back to the list of questions from above, if you remember:

  • Why do some sales letters hammer away at the problem and others never mention it once?
  • Why do gurus say ‘you need to feel pain before you buy’, yet many of the best sales letters don’t ‘prod the pain’ at all?
  • Why do some sales letters go on a long elaborate story and others have no story at all?
  • Why do some sales letters jump right in with a direct offer and others take ages to get to the point?
  • Why do some sales letters give you the life story of the product creator and others don’t mention him/her even once?
  • Why do some sales letters have loads of testimonials and others have none?
  • Why are some sales letters dozens of pages long and others just a few paragraphs?

The answer is now clear…

While all these great letters share a common goal, there’s a key point of difference.

HOW they prove the premise and how they prove the product is different for every single letter. 

Some premises require you to bang away at the pain. Others don’t need to mention it. Some need a story. Some don’t. Some you can just make the offer without any fluff. And that’s before we talk about testimonials, credibility, size of letter and so on…

The great copywriters have the skill to know which tools to use and when to use them. Instead of using the same tool every time and hoping for the best. 

Speaking of proving the product…

Quick quiz question - how would you go about proving a product actually works?

How would you prove it delivers the results you promise?

Most copywriters at this point would say either ‘testimonials’ or ‘case studies’. 

And while that can be a great way to prove the product, you might be surprised to find out that testimonials/case studies only appeared in 7 of the 45 letters – 16%.

So why didn’t they include testimonials in the other 84% and what did they do instead to prove the product?

Well, that’s all part of the course. Because there’s numerous ways to prove a product works, and very often a testimonial is the least effective. 

This brings me back to that ‘something’ that doesn’t feel right with most copy. 

That something is:

  1. I know all the techniques of copywriting and so do most people in the industry. Meaning, when you’re using techniques, I see what you’re doing. Instead of it being persuasive, it’s more like ‘oh he’s using that technique – that’s clever! I like that.’ Although I appreciate the skill, it doesn’t convince me to buy. 
  2. I rarely believe the product is going to work as promised. Hence I don’t buy. 

These days almost every market you enter is jaded and burned out. So you have to work harder than ever to prove BOTH the premise and the product.

This requires more than just a technical knowledge of copywriting techniques, which brings us to something else important. 

There’s another key difference between the true greats and the ‘quite goods’.

The true greats have 2 skills in abundance…

Versatility and logic. 

You see, the great copywriters are chameleons.

They know how to adapt their copy based on a number of key factors, all covered in the course.

I discovered the 45 sales letters distilled down into 13 different types of sales letter. 

A great copywriter knows how to pick the right type of letter for the product they are selling. Also covered.

They know how to use unbreakable logic to prove the premise – so even the most hardened sceptic would have to admit ‘yep, that makes sense actually’. Covered as well. 

They know not only how to prove the product, but also how much proof is required. In some cases, no proof is needed! And if you include proof, it can actually harm your conversion rate! Covered. 

The good – rather than great – copywriter has one writing method and repeats it for every product. 

Which leads us to how this affects you…

Let's talk about The Copywriting Bear Pit.

This is the place where 99% of copywriters live. 

All of them have writing talent. Some are decent writers, some good writers and some very good. Some earn terrible money, some earn decent money, some earn very good money. 

But they all share one thing in common…

They have to fight and scrap to get work. Why? Because clients perceive them as all being the same. 

It’s like choosing which peanut M&M to eat next. They all kind of look and taste the same. To the client, it’s like all the copywriters desperately yell ‘Pick me! Pick me!’, at the same time. 

Most of the time the client has no idea who to choose – so they choose based on price. 

A quick google search indicates back in 2016, there were an estimated 131,200 copywriters in the US alone (source: careerexplorer.com). 

And the copywriter job market was expected to grow by 7.6% between 2016 and 2026. Meaning, in simple terms – The Pit is busy, and only going to get busier. 

Clearly, The Pit is not the place anybody wants to end up. Yet almost all copywriters spend their entire career there.

Meanwhile, the Don Drapers of this world smoke Cuban cigars and sip single malt whiskey in The Copywriting VIP Lounge.

In The Lounge, the idea of having to apply for a writing job is laughable. 

In The Lounge, nobody is a commodity. You name your price and set your terms – not the other way round. You choose who you want to work with, not the other way round. 

Because in The Lounge, jobs come to you. Not just any jobs either – the cream of the crop. When a big marketer wants a million dollar launch, where does he or she go? 

In The Lounge, the idea of having to apply for a writing job is laughable. 

In The Lounge, nobody is a commodity. You name your price and set your terms – not the other way round. You choose who you want to work with, not the other way round. 

Because in The Lounge, jobs come to you. Not just any jobs either – the cream of the crop. When a big marketer wants a million dollar launch, where does he or she go? 

Fiverr? Upwork? 

Obviously not. They go to The Lounge. 

While the average Joes in The Pit share ‘takeaways’, ‘persuasion devices’ and ‘what’s working now!!!!!!!!!!!!’, Loungers instead are part of an exclusive, elite club who sets the trend. 

Loungers are all respected, admired role models – which admittedly isn’t always as great as it sounds, because…

People rip you off!

They watch what you’re doing and copy it.  Other so-called copywriters rip off your sales letters and wonder why they don’t get the same results – because they have no idea why those letters REALLY work. 

Copywriters in The Lounge look at the desperados in The Pit and laugh. Most of them have no idea The Lounge even exists. And even if they did, they would have no clue how to pull themselves out of The Pit first. 

So you might wonder…

How do I get an invite to The Lounge?

You might think ‘I’m just a regular copywriter. The big marketers are never going to come to me.’

And that’s true – if you carry on doing what you’re doing now. 

But if you ‘Walk The Path’ – a process I’ll explain shortly – you could claim your place in The Lounge in just a few short months from now. 

It’s not something that will happen overnight. It will require some effort and commitment on your part. But the rewards are huge for those that Walk The Path. 

Let me explain…

Remember those big marketers?

Big marketers have deep pockets. They aren’t interested in haggling a sales letter off you for a $100 discount. 

They’d rather pay a copywriter $25k (or more!) for a VSL that helps them do a million in sales than $1k for a copywriter who can only get them $100k. 

In fact, I know one Lounge copywriter who very recently got paid $50k for a single VSL script. That script went on to do several million in sales.

Happy customer, happy copywriter. 

Hence the big boys want the best results money can buy. And are more than happy to pay you handsomely for it. 

At $25k, you could do one job a month and still earn $300k a year. One job a week would be $1.3 million. 

Unfortunately, this is where I have to deliver some bad news…

The reason the 99% are in The Pit and not The Lounge is…

Unwittingly – they followed the same path as everyone else to get there. 

It’s known as ‘Assembly Line Copywriting’, where everyone is churned through a conveyor belt of the same formulas, templates and courses and you all come out writing in exactly the same way at the end. 

Hence, sadly there isn’t some ‘magic secret hack’ that can get you an invite to The Lounge. 

You can’t pretend to be the best. 

The only way is through delivering superior, consistent and undeniable results, time and time again. 

Or in other words…

Walk The Path. 

Here’s how it works…

  1. Improve your skill to Lounge Level (that’s what this course does!)
  2. Get better results than expected with your next 5-10 jobs
  3. Watch as tongues wag. Word spreads about your abilities
  4. New clients start to come to you asking for help. 
  5. You do a great job for them, leading to bigger and better clients in your inbox, until one day…
  6. A BIG marketer approaches you, says they love your work and asks if you can write some copy for them. 

And now, my friend, you are in The Lounge. 

Because all the big marketers know each other. So if one of them finds a great new assistant, graphic designer or copywriter, the rest of them know about it in no time – and want to get that person for themselves. 

It really is one big insiders club…

…which you COULD become part of. 

But that step 1 is the key. 

Are you prepared to look in the mirror right now and assess where your ability level is at?

Are you capable right now of writing a sales letter that could do over a million dollars?

Are you versatile enough to do this in multiple markets?

If so, you’re ready for the lounge. If not – and this takes a lot of courage and pride-swallowing – it’s time to decide whether you’re ready to uplevel your skill or not. 

If you do, your champagne is on ice in The Lounge, waiting for you to come and claim it. 

I’m not saying it’s easy. To Walk The Path is difficult. But possible. It requires a lot of work, self belief and determination. 

That said, copywriters just like you have done it before. People without connections, God-given talent or money. 

You too have the potential to Walk The Path. HOWEVER…

If you’re the kind of person who buys this course today with the expectation of being in The Lounge tomorrow, this isn’t going to happen. 

Because while you’ll learn a ton of copywriting wisdom from the old masters which will instantly up your game – ultimately you’ll end up disappointed. Because you won’t be willing to put in the effort required to get to your goal, and you’ll probably blame me. 

Now I won’t stop you buying the course. Ultimately it’s a self-study course – so if you buy it and do nothing, it makes no difference to me. 

If you just want to binge-watch it like the latest Netflix series to get the golden nuggets buried in the past, that’s fine too. 

If you want to watch it as entertainment, who am I to stand in your way? 

It’s just – in my opinion – not the best use of the product, that’s all.

So what is this product then?

This product is called ‘The Copywriter VIP Lounge’. 

It’s contained behind a gated members area, which you could be inside in a couple of minutes time. 

Once you’re there, simply follow the clear instructions I give you to select which one of the 13 types of sales letter is ideal for your offer. 

This product will then allow you – in around 3-4 hours – to follow a repeatable, predictable 11 step process to completely design your new sales letter from scratch. 

It’s the result of hundreds of hours of research.

Hundreds of hours of blowing away the dust from the old, forgotten-about classics of the past – some more than a century old. 

Dozens more hours scratching my head figuring out what links these old – and new – letters together, until I finally came up with the answer. 

Then, finally putting this all together into… 

An 11 step process any writer can follow.

The first 10 steps show you how to create each of the individual components that need to go into your letter. Each task is fairly short and not too time consuming – so you should never feel overwhelmed at any point. 

It’s not like sitting staring at a blank Google document with a blinking cursor thinking ‘ok, what do I write?’

Each step is clearly laid out for you.

This entire process should take you no more than about 3-4 hours. First time you do this it may take longer – because you’ll want to take time to understand the logic, and watch my ‘over the shoulder’ instructional videos as I complete the task first. 

You even get to watch me complete these tasks with you. In fact, you get to watch me construct – from scratch – this sales letter you’re reading right now. 

This entire sales letter was written using this 11 step process. Hence if you’re finding this even mildly persuasive…well, maybe you might like to see how it was done. 

Then finally, in step 11 we put all these component parts together in our final sales letter. It’s kind of like building a piece of flat pack furniture. You get all the necessary components ready first, then it all slots together nicely. 

This step should take you another 2 hours or so. You could do it faster, but I like to take my time with this, just to make sure it’s right. 

That's 3-4 hours to write a sales letter that could break all records!

Some folks will definitely do it faster – I typically do it in about 2-3 hours. But there will be some speed demons that can crank out an entire letter in an hour. 

Note also how I didn’t say ‘anybody can follow’. Not everyone has the ability to write a sales letter. 

If you don’t speak good enough English, if you can barely write 3 words without making a spelling mistake, if you don’t write to a decent standard already…writing probably isn’t for you.

People need to stop chasing after ‘magic cut and paste templates that any idiot can use’. If you want to be a writer, you have to be willing to commit to excellency in your craft. 

That means putting in the time and effort. 

BUT – at the same time, there are huge shortcuts you can take to get that level of excellency. 

This course is one of those shortcuts.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Select the ideal sales letter type for your project (5 mins)

Step 2: Follow the 11 steps to create your sales letter. (3-4 hours)

Step 3: Watch as you break all sales records! (Forever!)

Wash, rinse, repeat for as many products as you want to sell.

You could get access to this product right now and have your sales letter online, ringing the cash register by tomorrow. Maybe even today if you work fast. 

I thought I was an excellent writer before I went on my research journey. 

Yet as I consumed these letters I found myself writing down – in a state of excited fervour – one idea after another to improve my existing skill level. 

And this was despite thinking I already had it figured out!

Here’s some of the ‘lightbulb moments’ I experienced along the way. I’ll show you all of these in just a few minutes from now:

  • Reclaimed Wisdom: 45 ‘Over my shoulder’ walkthrough videos uncovering the lost, forgotten-about and unknown wisdom from some of the greatest selling sales letters of all time (and how you can take advantage of this wisdom for yourself)…
  • The surprisingly simple 4 step structure shared by every single one of these 45 letters…
  • Why the writing geniuses of the past started with ‘The Premise’ and built up from there (knowing this is the key to maximum conversion)…
  • The R-word which even advanced copywriters don’t know about – which – if you include this in your sales letter – almost always boosts conversions…
  • Why logic and NOT emotions is the key to closing the sale – and how to do this elegantly…
  • Why only 15% of the letters included testimonials – and what they did instead to convince the prospect to buy the product…
  • The 7 questions YOU MUST ASK about the product before you can sell it…
  • The Matrix in 8 minutes: a single video which reveals The Premise behind each of the 45 letters…
  • The only way you can believably prove your Premise – fail here, and your customer stops reading and goes somewhere else…
  • 4 different ways to prove your product works – sometimes you need 1, 2, 3 or all 4. Here’s how to know… 
  • The most simple way to ask for the sale and get it…
  • How to know whether to include bonuses and a guarantee (contrary to popular belief, neither are necessary)…
  • 4 personality types you must cater to if you don’t want to lose the sale…
  • Character and Identity: Little-known ways to link your product to both how the prospect sees and wants to see themselves as a person (most copywriters don’t do this – and miss out on the chance to boost their conversions)…
  • The 13 types of sales letter – each of our 45 examples fits into one of these categories. Every sales letter you ever need to write also fits!
  • The easy process to figure out which sales letter is best for your product…
  • How to write the perfect headline to grab the attention of your specific audience – in the right way!
  • The fast 11 step process you can follow to write the perfect sales letter (I did this start to finish in 3 hours)…
  • Deep Theory: For ‘copy geeks’ only – detailed theory behind how to better understand your audience and market than any other copywriter – for any product…
  • The elements that absolutely MUST appear in every sales letter – there are some surprising omissions from this list!
  • How to structure your sales letter from start to finish so it flows, is persuasive and converts…
  • The subtle process behind building mouth-watering, rabid levels of desire for your product…
  • How to reach audiences who don’t even know they want or need your product – yet!
  • The ‘One-Two Punch Case Study Combo’ – How to display case studies and testimonials so your reader thinks ‘I can do this too!’
  • How to go through any product start to finish and scrape the juiciest morsels in no time at all – then put them in your sales letter to boost conversions…
  • The 4 Believability Variables – these determine how much your prospect needs convincing before you ask for the sale…
  • How to tap into deep, sometimes dark desires shared by every single human being on the planet…
  • How to take those desires, connect them to your product and AMPLIFY the hell out them to make your prospect click the ‘Buy’ button like crazy…
  • Bullet Point Mastery – How to write bullets which get your audience feeling ‘I want that! And that! And that as well!’ (They pretty much have their credit card in hand at this point)

…and much more!

How is this product delivered?

You get instant access to an attractive, easy to navigate online members area. 

Each lesson is first explained in text, then demonstrated by me in an ‘over the shoulder’ video. 

Follow along with me, and by the time you’re done you’ll have a lovely, shiny new sales letter ready to break all sales records!

You can view the entire course on your mobile if you wish, but I recommend using a computer. This way you can consume a lesson, then do the exercise associated with that lesson. 

I don’t mind if you want to binge-watch the whole thing start to finish without doing any writing – but it’s better if you actually apply it as you go. Ultimately I want you to create something – TODAY if possible – that makes you a lot of money, possibly for years to come. 

If you want fast results, I’ve laid the course out exactly for that purpose. 

But – if (like me) you’re a theory geek who always asks ‘why’ to everything – I have a number of Bonus sections which go into ridiculous detail on all the whys and wherefores. 

You don’t have to know all this stuff to write your letters – but if you want it, it’s there. 

Here's what happens as soon as you login for the first time…

  1. I explain exactly the logic behind the highest converting sales letters – and how you can use this thought process to create your own (no more templates!)

  2. You then start with your premise and build your sales letter on top of this, one brick at a time. 

  3. In just a short few hours, you have all the individual component pieces of your sales letter completed via these short tasks and you’re ready to put them together into one single sales letter ready to deliver to your client. 

  4. Watch the delight of your client as they rake in more cash than they ever thought possible. 

  5. Repeat this process for each new client/product.

  6. Your reputation spreads over the coming weeks and months – resulting in bigger, better jobs coming to you. You no longer have to apply for jobs on Upwork. Instead, people seek you out because they know about both your results and your speed too. 

  7. Pick and choose the jobs you like and earn more money than ever before. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can take time off with your family and you never have to worry about money ever again.

How much does this product cost?

Full price is $997, but if you act now you won’t have to pay that much. 

Because this is a brand new product, I’m starting with a bang. I want to get dozens of delighted testimonials to remove any possible doubt for future buyers. 

So for the first hundred buyers, I’m rewarding the fact that you’re taking the first step by giving you a fat discount – right now I’m only asking you to invest $497 to get access right now.

To claim your discount, simply click the order button below and type the code


in the coupon code box. If the code doesn't work, you're too late!

You might think 100 units sounds a lot, and there’s plenty of time to think about this. 

But consider that I’m sending this offer to my email list which currently has 6,014 subscribers. And my Facebook profile with 3,586 friends. And my Instagram profile of 5,067 followers. 

Plus – more importantly – I’m investing a LOT of money in ads. 

Hence a lot of people will see this offer. And I predict a lot of people will buy it. 

So it’s up to you if you choose to delay, but…

When the price goes up it's not coming down again.

More importantly, when you see an opportunity to jump to the next level in life, why would you wait even a second before taking advantage?

If you could write a sales letter today that improves your conversion rate by even a paltry 0.1%, wouldn’t you say yes to that immediately?

Ultimately even a tiny improvement in conversion makes a huge difference in your sales numbers over time. 

For example, let’s say you sell a product for $1000 and you currently get a conversion rate of 1%. 

And let’s say you send $3k worth of traffic to the page each month, and pay $3 per click. That’s 1000 clicks, obviously. 

At 1% conversion, that’s 10 sales, meaning $10k in sales with ad spend of $3k = $7k profit. Not terrible.

But here's what happens when your conversion goes up…

  • 1.1%: 11 sales = $11k = $8k profit = $1k free money! 
  • 1.5%: 15 sales = $15k = $12k profit = $5k free money!
  • 2%: 20 sales = $20k = $17k profit = $10k free money!
  • 5%: 50 sales = $50k = $47k profit = $40k free money!

Even the miniscule jump to 1.1% is responsible for $1,000 extra per month for zero extra effort. 

And each tiny improvement beyond that is responsible for a huge extra increase in profit – in other words – free money for your client! 

It’s easy to see how you can justify increasing your prices. Plus how people will talk and new clients will come to you. 

So if you only learn just one tiny thing from this that helps you increase the conversion on your existing products by a mere 0.1%, you still become a better copywriter as a result and can justify a price increase. 

But if you apply the course diligently… 

Sales of your clients' products could increase so much that…

$100k for this course would seem like a good deal!

After all, if you can get a client to make $40k extra cash each month – that they wouldn’t have had with another copywriter – it’s not hard to see how you could charge them $25k or even $50k. 

2 sales letters a month at $50k is $1.2 million a year. 

Now I’m not promising you’ll get $50k a sales letter twice a month. But it just shows what’s possible when we pull ourselves out of The Pit. When we choose to embrace possibility and think big. 

When we choose to stop being that person who ‘just gets by’ and start asking ourselves ‘What am I really capable of?’

Plus, on top of sales, how much do you value your time?

The time alone you'll save in writing sales letters will likely pay for itself.

Let’s say it takes you 10 hours to write a sales letter now. 

You could cut this down to 3 hours with this course – but let’s say you only cut it down to 5. 

That’s 5 hours saved for every sales letter. If you bill at $100/hour – and frankly it’s going to be more like $1,000/hour after this course – that’s $500. 

If you only do 1 sales letter per month, that’s $500 a month saved in time – $6,000 per year. 

More importantly it gives you the time back to enjoy your life instead of spending all your time writing. 

Or if you like to earn as much money as possible, you could serve twice as many clients and double your income overnight (that’s before you even raise your price due to your improved abilities). 

Is there a guarantee?


I’ve put a ton of work into this product – hundreds, possibly thousands of hours. 

Then to verify that I wasn’t completely mad, I gave it to 5 separate copywriters to peer review. 

I must be some sort of sadist, because I also asked my Dad to review it – and I just knew he was going to rip it to shreds. 

What came back was ‘the info is amazing, but it’s too heavy in theory and it’s not clear how to apply it.’

So I moved all the heavy theory into the Bonus sections of the course (for those that love the detail). And I made the main part of the course action-heavy and theory-light. 

Meaning I took the most important things I learned from the old copywriting masters and distilled them all into 11 short, fun exercises.

Each of these exercises builds on the last until you end up with a fully formatted sales letter ready to break all records in only 3-4 hours. 

And when I sent this new version back to the peer reviewers…

…they were all blown away!

This means I’m fully confident to stand behind the quality of this product. 

In fact, this is what one of them said in a message:

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced copywriter – ‘in every single lens this should be required reading.’

So here’s my guarantee…

Try this product for 30 days. Apply the exercises to create a brand new sales letter (or rewrite an existing one) and watch as the sales come flying in. 

If you’re not happy that what you’ve created is BETTER than what you could have done before, just contact support for a full refund.

This is it – end of sales letter! 

It’s now time to decide your path forward. Either you:

Path A: Commit TODAY to becoming a copywriter with the highest skill level possible – and reap the rewards of that. 

Path B: Think ‘this sounds cool, but it might not work and I don’t want to waste my time or take the slightest risk’ – in which case you stay where you are. 

I would never tell you what to do – Path A is harder, and ultimately the reason why so few copywriters make it to The Lounge. 

Most folks will play it safe and choose Path B. 

Most folks don’t have the courage to be honest with themselves about where they are at right now.  

Most folks will end up bitching about how copywriters with less experience than them are getting bigger, better paid jobs and tons of recognition. 

Boo hoo, cry me a river. 

The select few were honest enough with themselves to realise that they could improve, and bit the bullet and took this course. And no time later, they found themselves overtaking ‘most folks’ leaving them in the rear view mirror whining. 

It’s up to you to decide if you want to be ‘most folks’ or if you want to be different. To stand for something bigger. To be the kind of person that makes success happen. 

Because success comes to those who take sensible, calculated risks.

Successful people bet on themselves when they believe they have a good chance on winning.

They waste no time in doing this either…

Remember, there’s going to be a LOT of copywriters applying this forgotten wisdom to book their place in The Lounge. 

The sooner you get started, the sooner you get your spot in The Lounge – before everyone else gets there first!

If you click the order button above, you could be cracking on with the first lesson in just a minute’s time…and a few hours from now you could have a brand new sales letter bringing in the cash!

Look forward to seeing you on the inside,