Coaches: How To Get Prospects Begging You To Sign Up

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Having spoken to hundreds of coaches over the past year (maybe thousands), I’ve realised that most of you are missing one major thing when it comes to your online businesses.

This is the difference between folks who appear in your Messenger inbox wanting to buy your ‘thing’…

…vs having to beg and cajole prospects just to get on a sales call with you.

(Seriously, sometimes people just want to sign up and you’re like ‘hold on! I need to check if you’re right for my program before you send me thousands of dollars!’ By the way, If you want to know how to easily convert prospects on Messenger, check out my Messenger Mastery guide.)

I know…terrible problem to have. Poor me.

This one missing thing isn’t copywriting (although copywriting is massively important).

It’s not Messenger chat or sales skills (although also very important).

Think of it like this. You go in the computer shop to buy a new laptop.

Salesman tries to flog you an ‘amazing’ Pentium processor Windows machine from 1996, complete with one of those old monitors that’s 12 inches wide and about 5 feet deep.

You say no and walk out of the shop.

Salesman then goes away to work on his pitch – when in reality, it wasn’t the pitch or his sales skills that were the issue – it was the OFFER.

Your offer is like the foundation your entire house is built on. Doesn’t matter if you use the best materials if you’re building on quicksand.

Slap in face moment: For most people reading this, your offers are terrible. Mediocre at best.

You don’t know your specific audience in detail. You think you do, but you don’t.

Your offer isn’t that appealing. Or it’s confused. It doesn’t stand out from everyone else’s offer.

So many of you are trying to perfect your copy and sales skills…but promoting beige offers.

Recently I’ve found success doing the following:

  1. Enrol folks into my Ecosystem course
  2. Immediately do 60-90 minute 1-1 call with them where I ask a bunch of detailed questions before distilling their exact, unique offer and their very own defined audience.
  3. As part of my own offer, I give you a full refund if, on this call, I’m unable to come up with an offer you’re happy with (never needed to invoke this refund yet, but the risk is only an hour or so of my time).
  4. Once we have these foundations, that’s when we work on your copy and sales skills.
  5. Result: you can start to sell fast, if you apply yourself. Just like Michael who made $10k in his first month with a brand new offer to a brand new audience. Or Paul who made $20k in 3 weeks with a new offer. Or a whole bunch of others (you’ve probably seen the endless case studies on this website).

With these strong foundations, you can sell easily – even if your copy and sales skills aren’t yet perfect.

Coaches: how to get prospects begging you to sign up to your high ticket program

Without…well, it’s almost impossible. Especially in today’s overcrowded, highly skeptical online world.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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