Coaches: 5 Common Mindset Issues That Stop You Making Money

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Coaches: 5 common mindset issues with which can stop you going from good to great (ie making a lot more money):


You commit to a new system/program/method and you throw yourself in excitedly on day 1. By day 3, you’re not seeing results and you start to doubt yourself/the method. By day 7, you’re already looking for something else.

If you’ve committed to something for an period of time, stick it out. Then review your results at the end. Don’t give up halfway through. So many people fail because they give up too soon.


It’s that automatic desire to respond ‘yeah, I know that already’, no matter what someone says to you. Loads of folks think they are experts in sales and marketing. Yet they aren’t making any money. If you can’t put your ego to one side and admit ‘I’m not getting results, therefore I need help’ – you’ll struggle to improve.


Would you rather feel a little bit ‘hurt’ for a few weeks – and then make lots of money…or would you rather feel smart and superior – but continue making less than you want?

Nobody likes being told they are wrong. But if you pay an expert to help you and you reject that help, you’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to improve.

If you invest in me, I will probably beat up on you until you’re producing excellent copy which makes sales. Some people love this – because they become good and make money FAST. Other people don’t – because their ego gets bruised. Guess which ones get the best results?

Also included in this category is letting negative feedback halt your progress. That might come in the form of bile-filled comments on your Facebook ads. Or only 17 people watch your first Facebook live. Or you have 4 sales conversations in a row and none of them want to buy. The tendency (similar to number 1) is to think ‘this isn’t working’ and give up.


We all have a deep rooted desire to fit in with the crowd, to be accepted. Unfortunately this doesn’t work so well when we are branding ourselves. We need to stand out from everyone else. We need to be seen.

This desire to fit in causes us to avoid things that progress our business – like live video, sales conversations, charging what we are worth.

It’s that fear of people going ‘What? YOU’RE charging 5k? What gives YOU the right to do that?’ Or ‘Look at this idiot, thinks he’s so smart, lecturing the world on live video!’

These fears deep down cause us to play small and not (fully) put ourselves out there. As a result, we either are invisible, or we come across as ‘me-too’.

Btw, this fear isn’t unreasonable either. When you become more visible, people WILL laugh at you. They will scoff behind your back and say ‘what is this moron trying to do?’

Until you start making lots of money, that is. Until you no longer have to sit in some miserable day job Monday – Friday like they do. Then they either shut up, or they ask you for advice.


This falls in the category of ‘fear of being seen’ but it’s worth mentioning separately. Lots of people are putting out content and being seen – but fail to make an offer to their audience.

Or if they do make an offer, it’s very tentative.

Essentially their strategy is ‘put endless value out into the world and hope someone wants to work with me’. Generally that doesn’t work too well.

You have to be willing to say ‘here’s what I’m selling and here’s why it’s awesome.’

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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