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"Richard, How Do I Know
You're Not Full Of It Like Everyone Else?"

A great and very fair question.

I could witter on about how wonderful I am, but you probably don’t want to hear that. Instead, take a look at these case studies of a variety of folks who I’ve helped make a LOT more money, and make up your own mind:
Coach for Amazon Sellers

Paul, South Africa

Paul explains how the Ecosystem helped him make $20,000 in just a couple of weeks.

Career Coach

Dalia, Canada

Dalia invested tens of thousands with all those other programs, without success. Then she came to me and made over $20k in a few weeks.

Wedding Photographer

James, New Zealand

James gets the credit for the most beautiful testimonial video I’ve ever seen. James is different because he’s not an online coach, but a wedding photographer. He explains how I helped him raise his prices from $1,500 per day to $15,000 per day – overnight. He’s now oversubscribed and is raising his prices yet again!

Dating Coach

Michael, US

“Within 2 weeks of completing Richard’s program I’d already signed up my first 3 clients, landing me nearly $10,000 in business. I didn’t that was possible – I had my doubts going in. But it does work, if you follow everything Richard sets out for you, step by step. If you do the work, if you do the assignments every week, you are going to get results.”
Owns A Network Marketing Company

Brittany, Canada

“Richard helped me double my business, was always really quick to get back to me and we got everything working fast – inside 2 weeks. If you were thinking of working with Richard but were a little hesitant, I’d say jump right in.”
Life Coach

Sam, United Kingdom

“I came away from the conversation finally knowing what it is I actually do. Since then I’ve created a challenge with over 40 people in, which is going to lead to a number of them working with me on a 1-1 basis at the end of this week.”