Who are You???

Want my life story? Ok, if you insist...

My Cat Hates Me: The only power I have over her is when I shake a box of 'Dreamies' and she comes charging over.

What do you mean ‘I don’t care about these pointless facts, Richard’?

Hey – you’re the one who clicked on the ‘About’ link. But yeah, I get it…

You want to know if I can help you, don’t you? You want to know if I’m credible, yes?

Well, being English, I detest hype.

So in a somewhat lame attempt to wow you, I’ll offer another bulleted list of (hopefully this time more relevant) facts.

That’s enough about me.

If you haven’t yet watched my short irreverent vid ‘The 4 Steps to Snagging Your Magic Sauce’, I’ve helpfully put an optin box below so you can do it now.I know – that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Watch 'The 4 Steps to Snagging
Your Magic Sauce'.

It’s not a long vid. I know we’re all short of time, easily distracted and impatient.
So I’ve done my best to make it quick and good.