3 Mindset Issues That Kill Online Coaching Businesses

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When it comes to mindset, most of us – and I include myself in this – agree that ‘yeah, mindset is important’. But we tend to think mindset issues are problems other people have, not us.

In reality, pretty much all of us have a ton of sneaky mindset problems that crop up constantly. Everybody has their own different specific issues.

This evening, I spent a very dull 40 minutes weeding the garden. It was overgrown with nasty unwanted greenery. All because I’d waited 4 weeks since the last time I did it.

(And I still have a ton of pesky weeds which need pulling up tomorrow. Grrrr.)

Our minds are similar. If we don’t regularly take the time, they quickly get overgrown with mental weeds.

Before we know it, we go from being super efficient in our business, making lots of money…

…to slumped on the sofa watching reruns of Friends all day and barely able to motivate ourselves to do anything.

In terms of my clients, here’s a few weeds we’ve uncovered this week:


People pleasing syndrome makes it hard for you to be direct with your prospects. Sometimes you have to tell them the harsh truth about their situation and risk causing offence.

If your overall energy is one of ‘nicey nice’, you won’t offend anyone, but you’ll struggle to get respect either.

End result? You get prospects on calls and they all end up wanting to ‘think about it’ instead of enrolling.

This was my client Dalia’s problem. When we fixed this, she went from enrolling nobody, to making $20k in a couple of weeks.


I had a client this week who was struggling to sell her 8 week coaching package for $1500.

I told her – “that’s because it’s too cheap.”

Sounds counterintuitive I know. But I explained that pricing herself at this level attracts the folks who expect to pay $100 for 8 weeks of 1-1 coaching and think $1500 is astronomical.

But it repels someone like me. I understand the value of this kind of work – and I automatically assume that if someone is only charging $1500, they aren’t much good.

What do I do? I seek out a coach who charges more.

‘Reassuringly expensive’, as the old Stella Artois adverts used to say.

In other words, the low price actually repels the folks with money who would happily pay in full immediately.


When I suggest posting about their business on their Facebook personal feed, most people feel some level of reticence/fear.

They often say it’s because they don’t want to annoy their friends, but really IMO…

…it’s imposter syndrome.

“Who’s going to listen to little old me?”

I’m not even a mindset coach and that’s not what my course is about. However it’s part of my duty to recognise this stuff in my clients and help them remove it.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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