16 ‘Writer’s Block’ Busting Content Generation Ideas For Coaches

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30 mins ago I was asked ‘Richard, how do you keep coming up with so much incredible content?’

(Ok, I may have added the ‘incredible’ part myself)

But regardless, this is a question that pops up frequently. So here’s 16 ideas for you.

You may want to save this post so you can come back to it later when you’re sat going ‘deeeerp, what should I write?!’


A simple question can create engagement and discussion within your audience. Just try to make it something they haven’t heard 300 times before like ‘what’s the biggest challenge in your biz right now?’ Snore.


No matter what niche you’re in, people ask questions about how to do stuff all day long.

This post came about because someone asked me ‘how do you create content?’

It doesn’t matter if they ask you directly, or if you see them ask elsewhere – if they have this question, it’s likely others do too. So answer it!

Note – you need to answer their question in an insightful way they haven’t heard before. Otherwise you’re just another boring person posting dull content. This is a key part of what I teach on my Ecosystem program.


Go live and provide an in depth training to help your audience out. Again – needs to be something they haven’t heard 100 times before.


Tell a story about a client of yours who you helped get a desirable result.

If you don’t have any paying clients yet, you can tell the stories of friends/relatives/strangers who you helped for free.

If somebody got a result due to your help, it still counts.


Why do you have the right to teach what you teach? How did you get to the point you’re at now?

Tell that story.


What are common myths people believe are the way to get results in your niche?

Show your audience why these methods don’t work, and tell them what to do instead.


Within your niche are subniches of people.

If I’m aiming at coaches, most of my posts are obviously aimed at..well, coaches.

But now and then I might do a post aimed specifically at fitness coaches. Or relationship coaches. Or basket weaving coaches.

Ok, maybe not the last one. But you get the idea. I talk about the very specific kind of issues that subniche is facing.

This kind of post is less relevant to your entire audience, but hits the mark harder with the subniche you aim at.


Make a post showing how you are an example of what you teach.

Doesn’t have to be cheesy ‘yo I’m stood in front of my pimpin’ Lambo yo’.

I generally prefer to be more subtle. If you’re a relationship coach, you might show an image of you and your happy, attractive other half smiling with a glass of wine in a nice restaurant on a Friday night.

16 Writer's Block Busting content generation ideas
My attempt to do this.


How does your prospect get from where they are now, to where they want to be?

Lay it out, step by step.


This post is an example of this.

As I go about my life, things happen that I can use as content.

Last week, I took a picture of the cat sitting in the bathroom sink and thought ‘how can I make this amusing image relevant to marketing?’

I then made the link between ‘the cat is being stupid and doesn’t know it’ and ‘how often are we being stupid in our business without knowing it’.

Posts like this are more interesting than just ‘here’s some advice’. They also make you more real and human, because you’re sharing things actually happening to you in your life.


This is similar to myth busting – but what do you see your audience doing time and time again that is screwing up their results?

In my case, I scroll my news feed and see SO MANY people post content they think is great but is actually ‘bleh’.

My aim is to help them realise ‘ah, so this isn’t working and now I see why!’

When they realise this, who are they going to come to in order to fix it? That’s right – ME!


Literally post this and see what comes back.

#13 LIVE Q&A

Invite people to join you live and post questions in the comments which you answer. This obviously works better if you have some sort of audience who already follows you.

This is also good for credibility – if you can answer questions competently on the fly, it proves you know your stuff.


Occasionally, share stuff you’re doing that’s not relevant to your business. If it’s fun/amusing, even better. This helps to humanise you and stop you being some boring business cyborg.


Invite people to book a call/inbox you if they are in X position and want Y result. Obviously use this kind of post sparingly, because your audience don’t want to be spammed daily with promos.


Look at content elsewhere – say in a newspaper, blog or even someone else’s Facebook post and ask your audience ‘what do you think of this? My opinion is…’

You’re not just sharing someone else’s content, you’re adding your own opinion into the mix.

Trying Googling your niche, eg ‘online marketing’, ‘dating’ etc. Go through some of the search results and see what you can find. You’ll be amazed how much content is in there that you can talk about.

(Notice how ‘share a funny meme’ or ‘copy and paste other people’s content’, or ‘give high level generic advice’ doesn’t appear anywhere?)

Of course, if you have a crappy offer, decent content won’t save you. And even if you do have a decent offer, how do you actually come up with great content? That’s when you need The Ecosystem.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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Richard Fletcher shows online coaches how to make $20k (or more) per month by posting organically on Facebook.

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