Online Coaches And Service Providers:

How To Make $20K/Month From Organic Marketing On Your Facebook Profile

...without sending endless 'direct outreach' messages, posting spam or annoying your friends.

I'm about to talk you through the exact step by step process I use to achieve the above $20k/month, with very little effort.

And when I say ‘very little effort’, I mean it. Most days I work less than 2 hours. Some days I do literally nothing and instead enjoy a ‘blanky day’ – on the sofa, under the duvet with the cat and Netflix.

Not the behaviour you expect from a ‘hustling’ entrepreneur, right? Well, that’s because I’ve built the life I want. I love my work, but I only do the work I need to live how I want.

Of course, if you want to work harder, you can earn even more. In all seriousness, I probably only work 10-15 hours most weeks.
Yet I still have time to attract new targeted prospects, convert new clients AND serve my existing clients with a ridiculous level of personal attention.



I Use A Simple Process I Call " THE ECOSYSTEM "


Step #1

Find and add Prospects

People who want (and can afford) your coaching/services are all over Facebook. You just have to know where to find them, then add them as a friend.

Step #2

Dastardly Clever Posting

Instead of annoying these new friends with tedious DM messages, you attract them with perfectly targeted content (I use 4 different types of Facebook post to do this).

Step #3


As a result of Step #2, prospects will appear in your Messenger inbox asking ‘can you help me?’ You then use my Simple Sales System to convert the RIGHT prospects into paying customers.


You’ve no doubt seen hundreds of online business coaches claim they can make you lots of money… And you’ve probably invested thousands with a number of them, only to end up being disappointed.

So, rather than me brag about how I can help you too make a lot of money with little effort, have a look at the results these coaches have had with the Ecosystem:


Paul, South Africa

Paul explains how the Ecosystem helped him make $20,000 in just a couple of weeks.


Dalia, Canada

Dalia invested tens of thousands with all those other programs, without success. Then she came to me and made over $20k in a few weeks…


James, New Zealand

James gets the credit for the most beautiful testimonial video I’ve ever seen. James is different because he’s not an online coach, but a wedding photographer. He explains how I helped him raise his prices from $1,500 per day to $15,000 per day – overnight. He’s now oversubscribed and is raising his prices yet again!

Do I Have The Right To Tell You This?

Hi, I'm Richard Fletcher

That’s me with my wife Alice on our wedding day in 2018. A very happy day. I’m 40. English. No kids yet. We live in the north of England with our somewhat grumpy cat Gwen, annoyingly energetic cat Kevin and tortoise Wilson (who does absolutely nothing).

But let’s be honest…you probably don’t care too much about my life story. You want to know if I can help you or not.

Because I despise overly-hyped landing pages (which is 99.9999% of them), I’ll not try and impress on you how ‘awesome’ and ‘badass’ I am. Instead you can read the War and Peace on me by clicking below and deciding for yourself.

"Ok Richard, So What's Next?"

If You Like What You've Read So Far, You Now Have 2 Options

- If You Want To Move Forward...

You’re thinking…
‘You know what, I think this guy could actually help me.’
And you’d like to speak to me to find out more.I don’t allow just anyone to book a ‘discovery call’ with me though. I only speak to qualified prospects (after all, I want to protect my 2 hour work day!)

So the next step is not to book a call, but to have a conversation with my Messenger bot ‘Botty McBotterson’, who will find out more about you and your business and if The Ecosystem is right for you.After you’ve spoken to Botty, you get the chance to message me directly!

The very first step of The Ecosystem is to figure out your ‘Magic Sauce’. This is how you stand out from your huge mass of competition – in a way that’s easily understandable and believable to your audience.

For Ecosystem customers, I do this for you. But if you’re not ready to enrol in my program, you can watch this 22 minute video instead. In the vid, I explain ‘The 4 Steps to Snagging Your Magic Sauce’. You can watch it immediately, right here: